Friday, October 26, 2012

A Fringe Clip-On!

My Emily The Strange CosPlay could've totally been perfect and well-spent for, if only a friend of mine didn't fail to send her fringe clip-on that day (I asked to borrow it days before). My own, real fringe already reaches my upper lip (yes, too long to be Emily) and I have already been trying my best to make it grow longer because I don't wanna have fringes anymore. I seem to have grown up from them since they look ugly when they start getting all wavy and stubborn.

So yeah, I was Emily without the famous fringes last Saturday. :/

Yesterday though, I had to go all the way to another city to my friend's house just so I could borrow it from her. xD

Now here it is. :3

I dunno where she bought it :|
There are clips at the back of the fringe so you just have to clip it on your hair just like that^.

I'm planning to buy one for my own and cut it the way most Goth girls love:

I want a fringe clip-on so I could just easily decide whether I wanna have a fringe or not for a hairstyle. I mean, if you do cut your OWN REAL hair, growing it would take months of impatience! I've been through this a hundread times already, so I'm totally gonna avoid getting stuck in that predicament in the days to come with a trusty fringe clip-on. ^w^

You can buy some online, dears! :3

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