Friday, October 19, 2012

Poem Post: "The Ugly Doll's Revenge"

I don't have anything to post as of the moment, so I'm thinking of posting some of my poems every now and then every time I get stuck with this same predicament again.

I wrote this when I was 15.

I got bullied in the classroom that time, and as usual, I didn't fight back. I was on my seat when a bully suddenly started ranting at me. My classmates who were near me looked at the commotion, but didn't do anything to stop her. I just kept myself from looking at her, gripped my pen, and looked at my shoes as she kept talking shit. When she was done, I glanced at her devilish face and caught her dramatically rolling her eyes at me with ire. An Emilie Autumn song was playing in my head that time, so I was thinking of stripes, dolls, tragedies, and graveyards. I thought of pouring my emotions -- of anger, frustration, sadness, embarrassment, and confusion -- in a poem, and add all my Emilie Autumn thoughts to it. So this was the result of the mash up. :D



As a lifeless, worthless, ugly toy
With a bundle of broken nerves
I truly seem to release no joy;
My owner offers the neglect I deserve.

The other dolls the owner keeps
Are eternally with me on our shelf;
But it is I, who always weeps
For an unexplainable pity on a poor self.

Suffering is such a miserable feeling,
Especially when one doesn’t know why it’s creeping
When one lives with the most undesirable
Overflowing vanity of such “people”.

I merely do not understand why
These dolls I live with on me are sly;
I could not help but grit my brittle teeth
For these villainous dolls with worthless wit!

Like them, indeed I am clever,
Even better than some of the others;
But is it just because I am different,
I know not of anything concurrent?

Such good, prominent mouths used badly,
Used against toys: innocent or ugly;
The owner knows not of their facades,
They are praised, while I, left very sad.

As I reach my despicable destiny,
To be destroyed with neglect,
I shall receive a vengeful soul,
To plague all of them with ugly roles.

O, unending painful loneliness!
Why hath thou bite me without forgiveness?
Because of you, they shall behold
The evil me, all of them cannot hold!

Please credit me, by the way, if you wanna copy all or a part of the poem. Thanks. :3

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