Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just Some Life Updates

What have I been up to those months?

ONE: April -- I found my Zing ♥
Well yeah.. Haha. I'll post about it soon.

TWO: May 22 -- World Goth Day! :D
I had an evening tea party with my darkly-inclined friends :3


We also had a follow-up tea party two weeks later where we watched Addams Family Values ♥


THREE: June 10 -- Summer's over! Back to school!
I'm now in my second year as a Literature major. What irks me a bit though is.. students from each degree program are now in block sections D': That means my fellow 2nd year Literature majors will be my classmates all day, all year, and for the rest of my college life! HUHUHUHU. I sure will miss my Communication-major friends! T______T

Anyhoo, first day of school was memorable because:
One, I had a new coffin bag :3 Two, I had a lovely time with my own circle of friends in the Literature block :> And three, Mr. Boyfriend came to my school to fetch me after class! DAWWWW :"> What made it even more romantic was the rain that suddenly poured while we were walking! Hand in hand, we had a fun time running to find shelter! XD

FOUR: June 28 -- This Goth made it in the Dean's List! I wore a costume that night for the Grand Acquaintance Party.
Yeah! I'm in the badass List! HAHAHA


Me and my badass phone HAHAHA

FIVE: ELite Society Acquaintance Party! This Goth danced hiphop O.o
We only had like, 4 days of practice and only two hours each day! The dance number was for the Acquaintance Party of all the Literature majors in the university.

View the dance number here xD

This is what I wore during the party :D

I got bullies from my block! Went through that habit of locking myself up in the cubicle in any restroom I can find instead of attending classes T.T I skipped classes for almost a week for that :'< Anyway, everything got resolved in the end and we're finally friends now.

SEVEN: Projects in Information & Communication Technology
Had been staying up til 4 in the morning making projects in ICT =_= I guess I should make you see at least two of them.

EIGHT: Two non-fiction writers at Les Tresors de La Belle Aurore Bookshop
Me and my Baby Bat went to a cute bookshop to listen to two foreign non-fiction writers talk about their works and how it is to write non-fiction :3


NINE: Midterm exams are over! ^w^
Just went through a hectic week of studying.

AAAAAAAAND here I am. Hahahaha :D Hi batssss :3
I'm thinking of maybe having single posts for each of those updates soon enough.
Have a batty day! ♥


  1. ei..I really love the outfits you were wearing in each of the events you posted. it takes real courage to stand out in a crowd. most of the people would rather blend in than get bullied.

    cheers to you for standing firm! *^___^*

    1. Hahaha thanks! I actually don't mind how jealous and ignorant people give me those weird or disgusted looks. With my head up, I walk by them as gracefully and confidently as I can. I don't want to change who I am just for people who disagree with my tastes. I want to stay happy for being who I want to be ^w^ ♥ :3

  2. how's it like to listen to writers talking about their work? I've been passing this bookshop but i'm not sure whether you need an invitation to attend book reading sessions? is that what it's called? hehe. anyway, wish I could attend it someday.

    do they post events like this? would love to hear from actual writers..

    1. Oh, I'm gonna post about that soon! It was a great experience: they shared how it was to write non-fiction, how they sometimes wished they were writing fiction, and some other tips!
      Actually some of our professors in school were the one who invited us. Since we're English Literature majors, we were the ones told about it. So we just attended it. I don't think you REALLY need to get invited, almost anyone interested could come, and there's no entrance fee or anything :D


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