Wednesday, May 22, 2013

World Goth Day 2013 Part 1

No Goth clubs in Cebu. No Goth gatherings. No Goth events. No other Goth acquaintances but these old buddies who despite lack the love for Goth music, have an inclination to the dark side of life and art. So what better way to celebrate an important day than to have a tea party together? Oh and minus the sun so we won't burn! ;)

PS: My apologies for the camera quality.

The Mad Tea Party Battle! AKA The Cake War!

Forgive my nose.
 E-ehrm, actually it was supposed to be celebrated during the day but Mister Extreme Latecomer here might not had seen any vision of the time-conscious Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland to remind him he had guests waiting! Carren and I waited for almost 8 hours for this lout! He even had the face to come to the tea party without getting well-dressed! How rude!

My nose once again. Sorry.

I hate how many people won't know I'm wearing a corset! </3

Not much time left for more chatter! The night is not such a fine time of day to be out with friends especially if you have the stereotypical Filipino folks. World Goth Day for us this year turned out to be not as happy as how its logo looks so we decided to have a better celebration for it the next week! Click here to take a look-see! :D

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