Thursday, May 2, 2013

Outfit of the Day: "White. Wait, what?"

I just joined this business networking trap and my group of business partners have this bad rule of wearing a specific color on each day of the week. :(



I just LOVE making my funny nose disappear ♥

Me, my messy room, and my crappy editing skills. ♥


  1. Pretty. . . again <3
    Sorry for sounding like a creep, but you look like one girl who's in my literature class. (Is that you?! :O)

    1. Hahahaha nooo, my nose isn't pretty hahahahahahaha xD
      Whaat? Do you have a photo of her? I wanna see herrr :3

    2. Her name's Gaby and she's Filipino.

  2. Hi! I really love the way you've styled white, you make it look gorgeous and gothic! Wish I could pull it off, maybe I'll try one of these days :) p.s. I'm Asian too, from a place where there isn't much of a goth scene.


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