Monday, August 19, 2013

Lil Black Bloody Hood


Her long flowing cape was in tatters; singed edges of fabric and loose thread danced in the violent winter wind and caressed the fallen animal's fur as it dripped crimson liquid. Wet knife in hand, she panted heavily from the monstrous combat; she shivered in the blizzard and stared down at her defeated enemy. The wolf was in a bloody mess, one stab was not enough to drain it from its inhumane strength, and its limbs had to be purposefully mutilated for them to be completely disabled.

Her basket, the cake, the wine, and the medicine were all scattered in the thick snow. She trembled uncontrollably as she moved around and picked them up, and wondered if the cake was still even edible. Luckily the glass bottles that contained the wine and the medicine had received no cracks and leaks though it fell hard from the basket when she received the first blow from the wolf.

The sharp, numbing wind continued to blow without remorse; the extremely low temperature scratching and biting her skin. She tugged on her hood and cape to shield herself from the cold, and continued on her dreary way to her dying Grandma.

Now THAT was way better than the previous crap I scribbled in this blog's first blog post! So yeah, as promised, welcome to my new blog! Or no, welcome to the same old blog that's now renamed because I'm not isolated anymore!

Yaaaaaaaayy! ♥


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