Friday, July 5, 2013

Show Them Who You Are on an Acquaintance Party #2

I'm soooooooo not ashamed of my outfits especially on parties! Yes I'm from the Philippines. Yes I'm the only hard core Goth in school. No there's not much Goths in Cebu. But so WHATTT? Amidst all the sneers, mockery, and negative comments, I'm here standing up for who I am because it makes me happy! Believe it or not, if you make me wear some kind of trendy dress, I'd feel veeeeery sad. I'd feel extremely bad about myself. I'd even get shy to join the crowd! So don't even think about it.

This is what I wore to the ELite Acquaintance Party :3 I changed clothes right after dancing haha whew!

Light and Dark! XD Her name's Trixie and I'm Minxie. Hahahaha

The best outfit is self-confidence. Rock it and own it! ♥

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