Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Writers Go Partaaaay!

 Warning: Picture heavy! xD


Yesterday, all the literature majors (of course, that includes me) had a Christmas party. It wasn't extravagant or spectacular, but it sure was enough to convince the Freshmen that a literature-major gathering isn't boring at all. Everyone had good laughs and amazement even though we didn't have a tummy-filling meal.

We learned about performance poetry by watching a video where Sarah Kay, an American poet, performed one of her compositions and discussed about the art of spoken word. And boy, is she awesome.

A week before, some of us were selected to perform spoken word for this party. And yeah, I was one of the chosen few. I was told to perform the piece Sarah Kay delivered in the video we watched. I had a bunch of mistakes, I know that, but it was worth the try. (I'll insert video here soon, I promise!) All the other performers did great too.

that's my friend being introduced to the audience for his performance :3
and yeah, that big head over there is mine.

Honestly, almost all of my fellow literature-major Freshmen didn't really choose or desire the English Literature course. But I bet by now, a lot of them are starting to realize how beautiful and lovely literature can be.

We had games and raffle draws -- prizes of which were nothing else but BOOKS obviously! We also exchanged presents, and guess what most of us received? BOOKS! Hahaha. Some received bookmarks, comic books, pens, notepads, and the like.

me and my present before I tore and ripped the wrapper to bits >:D

that's my friend over there, and my present, "Haweswater" by Sarah Hall.
these are all the Freshmen who cared to attend the Christmas party.
me and the piano ♥
i was requested by a Senior to play Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years".

Afterwards, I hung out with my batchmates in the park to get to know them better, since we aren't all that pretty close yet. And before we even knew it, vanity fired its bullets straight to our heads.


merry christmas! ♥

I had a great day today! ^w^ ♥
Here's my new novel! :3



  1. Got over the writer's block? Awesome!
    You have awesome friends!

    1. haha yeah! i like how they know a bit about the Goth subculture because of Gothic Literature. hahahaha xD


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