Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Friend's Death Anniversary

his last FB profile picture

Marthon was a jolly person.

When people ridicule and tell him to sing and dance a Korean tune in public, he would. He'd even smile as he'd do it. If he thinks you're friendly though you're a complete stranger, he'd suddenly sit right next to you and eat with you during lunch breaks, together with your friends.

Everyone usually jokes about his deviance, laughs at his feminine moves, and mocks his well-practiced-yet-senseless advertisements. He'd get hurt at this, of course, but he'd never hold a grudge at anyone. Marthon was diligent and obedient. He was respectful, polite, and honest. He's well-remembered by the teachers for his daily casual greetings during mornings or afternoons.

his last FB status. everyone read it late.

Marthon died of leukemia two days after Christmas last year.

Everyone apologized.

I went to the cemetery with my high school classmates and batchmates today to visit his grave. And boy, we miss him a lot.

Rest in peace, Marthon. †

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