Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: "Modern Vintage"

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! (This isn't a late greeting. Christmas lasts 'til Epiphany.)

Since I'm sadly not allowed to wear black during Christmas -- or New Year -- I planned out a good outfit beforehand and stupidly bought what I needed for it on the eleventh hour. So yeah, this is what I wore. I didn't expect it would have a tinge of nostalgia from the old golden times, I only noticed it when I finished it off with really red lipstick :3 So since the outfit looks vintage, I hideously did some attempts at editing, giving the photos this sepia tone and all.

I made my flans as always (been making flans every Christmas since I was 8 :D)

In my previous post, I was bemoaning the ill condition I thought I'd still have by Christmas Eve, but surprisingly, God healed it real quick. I still had the cough, cold, and mouth sore, but it wasn't that bad as it was 2 days ago. Pretty fast healing, huh?

Thank You Lord, and Happy Birthday again! :* ♥

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