Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tale Of Woe: Holiday Blues


 Hiyaaaaa. Holidays started on the 20th.

These days when I'm all locked up at home, I do nothing but read novels and blogs, watch any of the adaptations of The Addams Family, and play creepy mystery games.

To much of my discouragement, I noticed that I got surrounded by people who have the bad habit -- they themselves aren't aware -- of keeping music away from me, and of convincing me that I'm totally unsuitable for music itself. Sadly, I DID give a fuck, but that doesn't mean I'll give up on music, since the more I get discouraged, the more I think of a future concert where I'll dedicate my masterpieces to those who let me down. Who says I can live without music? As of the moment though, I guess I'll take a break from music and resume only when I gather up money to take formal lessons.

Breaks from school days don't really make me happy anymore. It makes going out to different places very difficult, and my social life tends to plummet DRAMATICALLY: it dives then sinks; a kingfisher hurrying fast to its prey but failing when it touches the water. The only one I could happily talk to here in this house filled with people is our hamster, Wiggles. I'm penniless when I don't have classes. My dreams become very distant like the stars.

The novels I've been reading are not even peculiar, macabre, or morbid. These two novels I currently received, unfortunately, contain love and romance -- both of which disgust me; too cliche, too common, too ordinary; I'd enjoy it if either of the pair was a ghost or a siren. Knowing the genre of the book I'm reading determines my motivation and willingness to finish the book. This only means I'm not really happy with what I've been reading these days.

WORSE is, I have this uber huge canker sore on my upper right lip. It's swelling, and it stings like a bitch, and it's large, it's like 1cm in diameter. I have an annoying runny nose and a painful cough. Aaaaaaaahhh. This only means I won't be enjoying Christmas, and I won't allow people to take pictures of me in this ugly condition. :(

Oh well, boredom and frustration may be infecting me nowadays, but it's still all good as long as I have the effective medicine I so love abusing: The Addams Family and some creepy mystery mind games.

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