Tuesday, June 10, 2014

World Goth Day 2014

June 2, 2014

Let me be very honest with you: I have made a horribly heinous crime as a Goth.. I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT WORLD GOTH DAY!

[Proceed at your own expense, this post is filled with more pictures than you have ever expected!]

May 22, 2014 was a very ordinary summer day -- being so preoccupied with my summer job and all -- and none of my darkly-inclined minions had the minds to remind me of anything! Well they were far away, yes, and they are a bit impossible to reach at times, and I haven't been online to see countdowns and pictures than announce an upcoming grand date for the very scene that have been adding color to my very being (adding color.. mostly black).

Crucify me if you must! I have committed a shameful sin! But in order to make up with this terrible carelessness, I celebrated it a week later with my beloved Goth-ish cronies. Am I forgiven now?

The day's menu.
That's my fledgling! My baby bat! Her Pale Highness!
My long-time best friend.

We are living proof that a guy and a girl can stay as best friends without falling in love :p

Sleeping in the middle of a meal, Sir? How rude!
You deserve to be burned by the sun!

My two treasures.
Jeth has inherited her Mentor's thing for poses.

The adorable sugar container kissed by the Golden Hour.
The distorted cake! We shall murder it soon!
Choking on the poisoned tea, are we now, Sir?
Adding sugar. Bad lighting.
What do you call these? I often get confused by the names.

Mentor and fledgling

Oh how she despises the sun!
Murder the cake! Murder the cake!
Our traditional Mad Tea Party Battle AKA The Cake Wars!
My devirginated tea cup.
Ill-mannered lout!
We love our forks! They're black! ♥
A historical canon.
Having fun, are we
Much much fun, yes

The Three Little Scumbags.
The organizer's portrait.
And another one.

She really is not for day light.
What contraption is this?
A talking little box?
Careful now, it might bite!

Pleased to be of your acquaintance, Sire!

Let me enjoy killing you dear Sir!
But let me kiss you as well!
There, there, proper manners!

I don't understand this

I told you there were 
too much pictures.


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