Saturday, April 27, 2013

If You're Goth and Bored..

I made this because.. I was bored too.

Go to the library and find good stuff. Write a dark poem about boredom. Invite a Goth friend to your place and paint each other's nails black as you listen to Goth music.  
Have tea with someone. Visit museums. Read a book in the cemetery. Make some popcorn, turn the lights off, and watch some dark flicks.
If you're the compassionate, benevolent kind, BUY A LOT OF ICE CREAM. Put a sign outside saying, "FREE ICE CREAM AT 3PM" and wear Goth clothes (plus black lipstick if you wish!) when you scoop the ice cream for people so you'll surprise everyone. Don't forget to smile all the time.
Read Gothic novels in bed. Watch Goth Lyfe and wait for Season 3 Episode 24. Dye your "non-black" clothes and bed sheets black.  Learn to play your fave Goth songs on an instrument.  Draw outfits. So you won't have to spend half an hour staring at your closet next time.
Practice putting on Goth makeup. When you're out wearing a really Goth outfit, give that kid near you a candy or a chocolate bar. Smile as you hand it over.  Own a pet bat. ^w^
Make cards. Shape them into coffins. Write a short, heart-warming message on each one. Give them to your friends -- Goth or not -- for no occasion.
Make milkshakes with a Goth friend. Don't forget to add a few drops of black food coloring. Plant a willow tree somewhere.  Paint your garden roses black. Make Goth quizzes. Invite a Goth friend and ask each other questions. The one who answers the most questions wins a treat. Here are some interesting quiz categories: Goth Subculture History, Which EA Poe Short Story, Fill in the missing Bauhaus lyrics, From what band is this song, History of Halloween, Which Goth Stereotype is This?


 Still bored? :3 



  1. thanks for this *__^ I'm on my way to go creep out small children.

  2. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer for Goth Lyfe Episode 24. I hear they are working on it non-stop!


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