Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wear Black to Summer! #3

Here's the summer highlight for the year. We went to the beach, which my aunt said is called "Sherlock Beach" for reasons unknown -- a name which had me and my sister immediately look at each other, being the Sherlock Holmes fans that we are.

I hate swimming under the cruel sun for fear I might perish from burning. Though I admit I got a bit tempted to take a dip in the shore and join them in their merry laughter but I was hindered by another fear: the fear of turning the sea RED if I stay in the water for too long! (If you know what I mean. *wink, wink*)

I had my sister take this photo because the cloud looks somewhat like Frankenweenie! #FrankenweenieCloud ♥
Don't you guys just think so?? [source]
Lemme take a selfie! Ew.
Don't you just love water-muh-lone?

Forgive my nose.

I got a bit drowsy from the warm breeze and the shade of the trees so I went to my uncle's house which is just around two blocks away with my sister and my brother and his girlfriend. I thought I might get some sleep there but the heat was just crazy. So I just read the remaining afternoon away with this book I bought weeks ago.

I hate the heat.

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  1. The Frankenweenie cloud is a great snap! Hey, I also have a nose like you :/


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