Friday, July 27, 2012

College Vs. High School

Most people seem to say high school is fun, heart-pounding, childish, unforgettable, and the best part during one's life in school. But I tend to disagree.

High school was when my batch mates mocked me or laughed at me as I walk by, when they discussed for one whole period about the way I dress and that I look silly, when they rejected me and gossiped about my talents, when mostly everyone got seriously and angrily jealous over my ability to speak in different, fluent English accents, when some upperclassmen walked up to me just to insult me in the face, when teachers were made to believe by my haters that I'm just not reliable, and when I got depressed by all these that I just locked myself up in the school's chapel and cried all I want in front of Jesus. :|

My high school life was filled with traitors, haters, bullies, rumors, and effing crap. I was drowned in tears of frustration and anger because of  my strict parents who always expected me to top the class when all I could ever achieve was third place. I was super nice and innocent, but everyone during that time seemed to enjoy abusing me.

Indeed, high school was the WORST stage in my adolescence. It was something I couldn't wait to escape from, because it always seemed to me that I was being constricted to die a gruesome and merciless death, and the whole process was a gradual and consistent torture to the self.

It was only during the last months of my Senior year when I broke out of my lonely shell and gained a lot of fellow oppressed and supportive friends. However though, I was just so weak that I was never able to get back at my bullies, for the sane reason of avoiding senseless and immature trouble.

I graduated from high school with a mind filled with beautiful and crazy plans of revenge. And the best vengeful plan I ever came up with was..


Graduation, Lolita-inspired :D

I entered college as a new individual. I armed myself with a pretty face, a respectable poise, and an unquestionable wit. College, then, without hesitations, was kind and hospitable to me, though at times challenging and mind-boggling. College maturity, responsibility, and independence was what I had been searching for since then, after all. In college, cheating is never tolerated, and lessons were reported by the students themselves, which is good. :) I get to be with different people in every period, not locked up with the same disrespectful farts all year long. I mostly get to meet the kindest strangers everyday who seem to be more interested about why I like black roses and why I hate Twilight.

The best feeling, I guess, that ever occurred to me in college, was that feeling of being set free. I was like a prisoner whose sentence was finally over, and I could do anything I wanna do at last. My previous school was run by NUNS, which means: NO gadgets, NO makeup, NO colored nails or hair, NO bangs/fringes, NO accessories.

I know that sounds too much, but seriously, that was how the students were made to live in that school. And when I got into this university, I was like, WOW, I can do whatever I want.

That's me and my close, cuddly gay friend! ♥

Here's a cute table of comparison between High School and College from Candy Mag.
(Yes, Candy is a girly magazine, and I'm girly, so what?)

And a few more fun reads I found.

I'm pretty much convinced that how you rate high school and college depends on the school you got in, and the kind of people in it. As for me, well.. that was how it went, and I couldn't change anything although how much the memories haunt me everytime I get reminded of them. Right now, I'll just have to keep going along the sparkly new and daring routes as I journey through another amusingly twisted adventure. ♥ 


  1. gi-post na sad akong pic ai. hehehe :D love u terlosh! :D i enjoyed reading ur blog. unya nako mo balik ug blog moh apil pah kog mga photography workshop especially, street photography so that i can get inspiration for my soon-to-be new blogs!

    1. hahahaha ana jod yeet, bsta ecao :p
      haha thank you yot! :D balik'2 lng basa kung gnahan ca xD ingna nya sd co kung naa nca'y bag'o nga blog post or bag'o nga blog haaa? kae mubasa pod co :D :p


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