Sunday, August 19, 2012

Christian Goths


"Goth isn’t a religious movement. There is no council of black-clad elders that you must swear devotion to before you can adorn yourself with black lace or watch Tim Burton movies."

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce to you a pastor, Michaela Johnson, who is  a Goth herself. She owns a website which is all about how it is so much obviously possible for Goths to be Christians at the same time. You should view the site if you think otherwise.

*clears throat*

Goth is a subculture, not a religion, not an organization, worse, not a cult. I am a Goth simply because of my interests, not because I registered, signed up, or went through an eerie or diabolic initiation. Most importantly, I am a Goth, NOT BECAUSE I WORSHIP THE DEVIL.

le me singing the psalm last Christmas :D

Hi. I am a Catholic and a Goth. I was raised by a family that rarely fails attending mass on Sundays. I attended a school run by nuns who encouraged praying the rosary every morning and I used to be a psalmist and a choir guitarist in that school. I love donating my clothes and toys, and treating street children burgers and sandwiches as I look upon them with mercy and pity. AND on Sundays, I go to church wearing lots of rips, or lace, and pendants, but I am not afraid nor am I ashamed. I know that God loves me the way He loves everyone else, and He has undeniably blessed me with gifts I could never give up thanking for.

Goth is a subculture of different individuals in all walks of life. If everyone in this subculture is unique in their own style and beauty, how much more in their own individual beliefs? Believe me or not, there are Buddhists, Muslims, Pagans, Atheists and Christians in the Goth scene. The way some non-goths generalize and judge Goths totally annoy me. Is it just because of the dominant color we're usually clad in? People, black is just a color. If a group of people keeps on wearing puke-green, are you gonna say they worship a certain god too? Tsk, ridiculous.

Rev. Ramshaw, a Goth himself, holds regular church services for Goths during
Whitby's Gothic Weekend Festival
This event took place in Baltimore, Maryland.
Christians from all over the US gathered at this first annual event to be encouraged
and strengthened in their walk with God and to find out that they aren't alone in
the Christian Goth lifestyle.


I just came from church so I felt like saying all this.

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